SIDHelpSIDHelp PlusSIDHelp Gold
Price Per Year$2000$2695$3195
Setup Fee$1250$1250$1250
SIDHelp Features
Included in all SitesAll SIDHelp sites include many features, such as: Roster Management, Schedule Management, News Article Publication, Scoreboard (Ticker or Tabbed), Fan Polls, Document Management, Facebook & Twitter Intergration, RSS feeds, Mobile version of site, Photo Galleries, and Recruiting Forms.
Disk SpaceMore Info1.5GB3GB6GB
BandwidthMore Info60GB120GB240GB
Custom DesignMore InfoIncludedIncluded^Included^
OptionsSIDHelpSIDHelp PlusSIDHelp Gold
Rotating News HeadlinesMore Info$150Included^Included^
Rotating HeadersMore Info$150Included^Included^
Price per additional headerMore Info$75$50$50
SMS/Email Subscription ServiceMore Info$300IncludedIncluded
Import NewsMore Info$300$200$200
Advanced Bio GraphicsMore Info$150Included^Included^
Form Manager $250IncludedIncluded
Splash Pages $300IncludedIncluded
Popup Bio Graphics $200Included^Included^
Customized Mobile site $300Included^Included^
Auto Word linking $200IncludedIncluded
FaviconMore Info$60Included^Included^
Live Stats FTP
per year
Custom Development
per year
More Info
No ads on mobile site
(or any page)
per year
More Info
Only in SIDHelp Plus & SIDHelp Gold
Team Ranking on Schedules Not AvailableIncludedIncluded
Hide a Player on Roster Not AvailableIncludedIncluded
Hide News Article on Home Page Not AvailableIncludedIncluded
Copy Roster from one Sport to Another Not AvailableIncludedIncluded
View Analytics (website stats) Directly in the Admin Not AvailableIncludedIncluded
Only in SIDHelp Gold
iOS App - iPhone/iPad Not AvailableNot Available$300 Setup Fee
Android App Not AvailableNot Available$300 Setup Fee
API available Not AvailableNot AvailableIncluded
Stats XML IntergrationMore InfoNot AvailableNot AvailableIncluded
Pricing reflects a site signing a three year contract.
^ If converting from one SIDHelp to another, this feature will be applied on your next redesign if you do not currently have the feature.

Disk Space

What is disk space as it relates to SIDHelp? Disk space is the amount of storage that is allowed on your web site.

The majority of our sites only use a fraction of the space they are allowed. Our average site uses 250MB, that is only about seventeen percent of the space allowed for a regular SIDHelp site.

We also regularly update this amount as we purchase new servers or hard drives.


So exactly what is bandwidth as it relates to SIDHelp? Put simply, bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to occur between your web site and the people who view your site.

The majority of our sites only use a fraction of the bandwidth they are allowed. Our average site uses 10GB of bandwidth a month, that is only about sixteen percent of the bandwidth allowed for a regular SIDHelp site.

We also do not turn off your site if you go over. In fact if it only happens once a year or so we will not even say anything. We we do happen to see it happening a lot we will ask you to upgrade your bandwidth allowance.

Custom Design

After you sign up for SIDHelp we will schedule a design interview with you. We find out what you are wanting and how you would like for your site to look. Then we create you mockups for you to review. SIDHelp Plus clients will receive 3 mockups and the regular SIDHelp clients will receive 2 mockups. Then after you review the mockups you can pick one of them, have us modify one of the, or we can combine elements from each and make another mockup.

We have also had some of our clients who wanted to design their own site in-house and provide us with the mockup. If you do go this route we will need to review it and make sure it will work well with our system.

Rotating News

Rotating news allows you to show many news articles in one spot without taking up too much room. This can spice up your website and add some movement to your site.

The rotating news headlines does as its name implies, it rotates through at least two different news stories. The rotating news feature is designed so that your top stories are show and automatically rotate off as you add new stories.

Rotating Headers

Rotating headers allows you to show off many of your athletes, facalities or whatever you would like. They also add some movement to the page.

We can display the rotating headers in many different ways including rotate every few seconds to only having them rotate when the page changes.

Additional Headers

If you choose to have rotating headers, then you will need additional headers created in order to have them rotate from photo to photo. You will have two options to get additional headers made for your site.

  1. Have us create additonal headers for you. We can create one per sport, combine some sports or we can create a few per sport for you. You just let us know how many you want and we will create them.
  2. Sign up for our User Changable Headers where you can create as many headers as you want. We provide you with a Photoshop PSD file with your header template. Then you use the provided template to create additional header.

    This feature is included in SIDHelp Plus or an additional $150 for non-SIDHelp Plus sites.

    This feature is also designed for those who have Photoshop and know how to use it or have access to someone who knows how to use Photoshop.

SMS/Email Subscription Service

This service allow you to have your fans sign up to receive text messages and/or email updates from you. Fans can choose which sports that want to receive updates from as well as the delivery method.

When you are in the admin you can send your subscribers any message you would like. We have even made it really easy for you to update your subscribers when you post a score or news article by automating this for you.

Use this service to send out score updates, final scores, weather cancellations, news stories, announcements the list goes on.

News Import

If you are coming from another service like us or your own in-house system them it is possible that we can import your news from your old site. If your current system is an in-house system then we will ask you to get us in-touch with your IT or web department so we can talk with them about sending the data.

We also have a way that you can import the news for free if your IT or web department doesn't mind doing a little work and supplying the exported info in a particular format.

Bio Graphics

All SIDHelp sites come with the ability to have bios for each player. This feature makes the bio section look better and intergrates graphical elements from your site into the bio section.

The video to the left shows a good example of a standard bio and then some with advanced bio graphics.


What is a favicon you ask? A favicon is the small graphic you see on the address bar and tabs in your browser on many popular sites.

All SIDHelp Plus sites will have one automatically added to their site. If you are not an SIDHelp Plus site then we can create one for you for $60.

If you already have a favicon and want us to add it to your site there is no charge, just give us the file and we will add it to your site.

Custom Development

Everyone needs something custom done to their site every once is a while. It may be that you want some feature you saw on another site, a new idea you have or you may need some custom graphics created. That is where custom development comes into play. Our rate for custom development for SIDHelp customers is $70 per hour.

If you sign up for SIDHelp Plus then you get 4 hours of custom development each year. For SIDHelp Gold you get 6 hours of custom development each year. This allows you to have custom work done on your site without have to request more money from your department.

If you have some custom development you want done you would let us know about the custom development and we would give you a quote on the number of hours it would take and then you decide if you want us to proceed or not.

Mobile Site Ad

Each site comes with a mobile version for quick access to news, scores, rosters, schedules and staff. If you are not SIDHelp Plus customer then your site will show a small add at the top of the mobile site. This can be turned off for $100 per year.

Stats XML Intergration

This options give you the ability to upload an XML file (Statcrew and Dakstats) and show a box scores of the event on the news page. We also have plans for more stats intergration in other areas.

You can see an example of this by going to