It is the same great program that is used for schools but with some additional features that help out conferences such as:

  • Get a free site for your conference - We want conferences to help us build our SIDHelp network, so we offer a discount for each member of your conferene/league that joins the SIDHelp network. You will receive a discount of $400.00 for each member school that joins. This discount is for each year they are a member not just a one time discount.
  • Easy to fill out forms that builds a members page that makes it easy to find out information about your members for your fans.
  • Standings page for each sport.
  • Preseason Coaches Polls - yes you can still do a news article on preseason coaches polls but with this added feature the poll will show up on the side of your site all the time.
  • Awards Management - Easily create awards and assign them to people on your rosters. Then allow SIDHelp to create you an awards page for each sport. You can even decide which awards will show photos and which will not.
  • Conference Trophy Standings - do you award an "All Sport" trophy or "Commissioners Cup"? If so SIDHelp can help you display your standings easily.
  • Division Management - Do you have a sport that has an East/West or North/South? SIDHelp can manage them for you and show two different grouping on your standings page.
  • Dakstats Integration for NAIA members- SIDHelp can also generate a missing stats report that will show you what stats each team hasn't turned in, this is a real time saver compared to manually searching the Dakstats web site.